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hi i'm jaime im 18 and i subsist off of touching soft things  scatterbrained assface who's in love with makoto tachibana and brienne of tarth

currently watching Haikyuu!, Samurai Flamenco, Free!, Stardust Crusaders, Monthly Girl's Nozaki-Kun, and Love Stage. currently reading Jonothan Strange and Mr. Norrel. Playing ACNL and Paper Mario 2 and Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken AND Fire Emblem Awakening
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sonofahurricane replied to your post: How is everyone?

Pretty good. Very tired but okay. What about you?

Quite similar.  Very tired, at 8:00.  Other feelings: proud of what im drawing rn, want to kiss something?, adjusting, wants friends to be here

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we will protect each other. <3

thank you

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obv its jaime/human!softball bat

more true than you would ever understand

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This is it. You have become the full anime. What will you do now?

let my hair flow in the wind

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That looks sweet as hell! :D

thank u O///O my sweet family

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Did they credit you?

yeah they posted the deviantart source luckily but the piece is already on tumblr so I asked them to reblog it instead

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my friend just said mackelmore instead of mackerel omfg im so done


thank you for that

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I had to look up what that was and now im trying to picture him doing that and im laughing really hard

his big body wouldn’t be able to move like that

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sonofahurricane  I take pride in that memory.  Oh my god.

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sonofahurricane yeah you were the Big Leader.  oh gosh, the team the next year was super weird too.  three freshman and three juniors that all the freshman also thought were freshman becAUSE WE WERE SO SHORT

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