just kidding its my macaroni and chEEEHEEEEEEESE
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hi i'm jaime im 17 and i am constantly busy with school

scatterbrained assface who's in love with satsuki kiryuin and brienne of tarth

currently watching Parks and Rec. currently reading A Dance With Dragons. Playing ACNL and Paper Mario 2.
Posted on 4th Aug at 11:39 PM

i don’t even like everything, dad!! that’s the problem.  I usually only like a couple songs per band.  i’m PICKY

especially picky with anime music and punk with all of its subgenres

i can hate certain bands with the “punk” title

Posted on 28th Jul at 6:54 AM, with 1 note


to answer your question: The five college consortium and RIT

Posted on 25th Jul at 9:09 PM, with 1 note

@prettyhardcoreevil  It’s a good movie, so yeah watch it.  Just…yeah, brace yourself I guess?

Posted on 24th Jul at 10:25 PM, with 1 note

yyeah! I saw that on facebook!!

yeah i duno my brother sent it to me??  oooh what are you listening to? (I always need good music)

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hi dad YeY

I hope you’ve been having a great day !!!

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today has been very swimming anime

now im watching…this?

how r u ? UuU OeO

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i almost went there but i didn’t and now you have

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because sesugh will be my wife who walks around in a frilly maid outfit, and what else was i supposed to do about harold

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